Safety Cultural Change

Organisations don't change...
People do!


We partner with organisations to design, build and deliver sustainable organisational cultural change programs. 

We use  traditional and none traditional change management approaches and methodologies. We believe creating cultural change is much an art as it is a science. 

Drama Based Workshops

Our drama based facilitated workshops are powerful tools to help create emotional engagement, build alignment, win hearts and minds, challenge the stout quo and create a sense of urgency that’s required to create sustainable change in culture. 


Safety Leadership Skills Coaching

Our safety leadership coaching program using experiential learning (learning by doing) helps leaders at all levels acquire the leadership skills need to shape change culture and influence change. Our coaching program increases self-awareness and provides the opportunity to practice new skills in a safe space


Safety Action Planning Workshops

Our action planning workshops are designed to help organisations develop a coherent safety culture improvement road map. Our innovative workshops increases emotional engagement, buy-in  and ownership at all levels