Leadership Workshops

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Senior leadership alignment, engagement and accountability is critical to the success of any cultural change imperatives.

It doesn’t matter if its digital, safety, sales or any other change initiative. Kevin has designed, built, and delivered highly engaging senior leadership workshops for some of the world’s most progressive and forward-thinking organisations.Kevin’s workshop’s build deep emotional engagement that’s required for ownership and increased accountability

Possible Workshop Purpose

  • Challenge the status quo
  • Create a sense of urgency that combats complacency
  • Align senior leaders with a common purpose and goal
  • Explore the business for change
  • Build leadership team alignment and agreed team behaviours
  • Understand challenges, blockers and obstacles to change
  • Kick start an organisational cultural change program
  • Deal with complex team dynamic and politics

Drama Based Learning & Facilitation

  • Professional role-players
  • Scripted Scenes
  • Facilitation

Collaboration With Clients

We would like to thank some innovative and forward-thinking clients who have worked with us over the last ten years, helping us create our innovative Safety Leadership Skills Coaching Program. Exxon Mobil, Woodside Energy, APA Networks, Viva Energy, South Australia Power Networks, Caltex, Ventia, Monodelphous and Contract Resources.

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