Kevin has an obsession with entertaining, educating and agitating. He combines his unique skills as a writer, actor, facilitator, coach and speaker to help individuals and organisations get on the right side of change.

Kevin is currently writing and hosting a web series called “Perfectly Flawed” The show uses comedy and satire to unpack and explore leadership, social and political issues. 

Kevin’s podcast series “The Beginners Mind” focuses on simplifying complexity to help people make sense of some of the problems that affect our lives. Kevin’s podcast guests are people he admires in academia, arts, and business, and together they try and make sense of things that confuse him and have a laugh.

Born in Northampton (UK), his mother is from Belfast, and his father is Jamaican. Kevin has always had an insatiable appetite for learning. He is optimistic, resilient and funny and has a deep-seated need to make a difference in the world running through his veins.