Executive Leadership Skills Coaching


CEOs & Executive managers play a key role in shaping the organisations culture. Their behaviours, decisions and communications impact on the organisational culture whether they are aware of it or not. 

Our innovative coaching program gives leaders the skills, techniques and confidence required to influence their people, stakeholders and shape culture

Our innovative and creative Senior Leadership coaching program uses experiential learning (learning by doing) to increase self-awareness and gives the leader an opportunity to practice new important skills that are required to shape culture.

It doesn’t matter what change journey you are on: Digital, Diversity & Inclusion, Customer Service, Safety and the list goes on, having senior leaders successfully role modelling the right behaviours is critical for success.

Coaching Methodology

Experiential Learning (Learning By Doing)

  • Professional role-players
  • Video feedback
  • Creates  high levels of self-awareness
  • Gives learner opportunity to practice new skills
  • Accredited coaches

Coaching Content

  • How to authentically communicate your vision & strategy 
  • How to actively listen and create empathy
  • How to win hearts and minds by emotionally engaging with people at every level
  • How to tell stories that resonate and inspire people
  • How to recognise your own leadership style and build rapport with people who are different
  • How to create clear expectations and hold people to account
  • How to have coaching conversation that empower people
  • How to manage difficult behaviours

Collaboration With Clients

We would like to thank some of the innovative and forward-thinking clients who have worked with us over the last 10 years, helping us create our innovative Safety Leadership Skills Coaching Program. Exxon Mobil, Woodside Energy, APA Networks, Viva Energy, South Australia Power Networks, Caltex, Ventia, Monodelphous and Contract Resources.

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