Diversity & Inclusion

Workshop Overview

Our workshops help senior leaders  harness the power of diversity to improve performance. The business case for diversity and inclusion is now more vital than ever. Diverse teams with unique individual perspectives can deliver exceptional results.

Our workshops help create opportunities for leaders to expand their self-awareness and give them an arsenal of tools to build a more inclusive team culture.

Participants will leave with absolute clarity on the team and individual behaviours required to reap the benefits of creating a workplace culture that embraces diversity and inclusion.

Experiential Learning (Learning By Doing)

  • Professional role-players
  • Scripted Scenes
  • Story Telling 
  • Facilitation

Workshop Content

  • Explore the business case around Diversity & Inclusion
  • Build leadership team alignment
  • Examine the impact of unconscious bias 
  • Understanding the primary source of unconscious bias, micro-inequities, and micro advantages
  • Understand how to foster a culture of inclusion, openness and belonging through actions, communications and decisions
  • Develop a leadership team and individual diversity and inclusion improvement action plan

Collaboration With Clients

We would like to thank some innovative and forward-thinking clients who have worked with us over the last ten years, helping us create our innovative Safety Leadership Skills Coaching Program. Exxon Mobil, Woodside Energy, APA Networks, Viva Energy, South Australia Power Networks, Caltex, Ventia, Monodelphous and Contract Resources.

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