Anti Racism Workshops
Sports Clubs

Workshop Overview

The overall aim of the course is to educate individuals in professional sports organisations giving them a better, in-depth understanding of various forms of racism, as well as racial bias and the issues affecting the black community in the context of the current climate and black history. The course has a focus on the topics of anti-racism and white privilege and looks to assist organisations in making practical and structural changes that contributes to a positive impact in the fight against racism and racial inequality.

Drama Based Learning

  • Professional role-players
  • Scripted Scenes
  • Story telling
  • Facilitation

Workshop Overview

  • Scene Setting – Global, national and locally relevant.
  • Anti-Racism – What does this mean?
  • Privileges and Responsibilities. This includes: exploring White Privilege.
  • Racial Bias – A focus on Race and racism ‘challenging the isms’
  • Having difficult conversations about Race – This includes Definitions, terms and language.
  • Micro-Racism: Micro-inequities and aggressions/behaviours.

Collaboration With Clients

We would like to thank some of the innovative and forward-thinking clients who have worked with us over the last 10 years, helping us create our innovative Safety Leadership Skills Coaching Program. Exxon Mobil, Woodside Energy, APA Networks, Viva Energy, South Australia Power Networks, Caltex, Ventia, Monodelphous and Contract Resources.

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